Rodrigo Leles / Work About Contact
Rodrigo Leles / Work About Contact
Twitter - @rodrigo_leles Dribbble - /rodrigoleles LinkedIn - /rodrigoleles Instagram - /rodrigoleles
Twitter - @rodrigo_leles Dribbble - /rodrigoleles LinkedIn - /rodrigoleles Instagram - /rodrigoleles
Rodrigo Leles / Work About Contact
Rodrigo Leles / Work About Contact
Twitter - @rodrigo_leles Dribbble - /rodrigoleles LinkedIn - /rodrigoleles Instagram - /rodrigoleles

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Hey! my name is

Rodrigo Leles

I spent some time working at the world's largest brewer and the first Brazilian unicorn and now I design for companies and startups.


Watch my design reel watch my design reel


Multi-disciplinary digital designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. I have been building digital products and brands with focus on crafting neat user experiences for +10 years.

Currently working as a freelancer with various agencies, startups, companies and people all over the world.

See my complete resumé here

When I'm not designing I play the role of lazy ukulele player, podcaster, youtuber and home made furniture maker for fun. Nina's father

AB InBev • P&G • HBO • Pantene • Sensodyne • Mercedes-Benz • Absolut  • BMW • History Channel • TAM Executive Aviation • Goose Island • LATAM Airlines • Rock in Rio • BAZQ  •  Cooklist  • Discovery Turbo • TV Cultura • A&E Ole Networks • Kombucha Libre • 99 • Coletivo 47 • Wäls Brewery • Vida Automotiva • And more…

Brand Identities
Logo Design
Art Direction
Web Design
Web Development
Design Consulting
UI Design
Presentation Design

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Renan Manço
Renan Manço
Head of Design
Logotipo iFood
He turns complex issues into simple improvements that really help to improve people's lives...

We worked together for a year on one of my biggest professional challenges to date: leading an incredible team at 99, the first Brazilian unicorn. Leles is an extraordinary designer.

Guilherme Carvalho
Guilherme Carvalho
Founder of Kombucha Libre
Logotipo Kombucha Libre
He has unique knowledge of what the user needs in the purchase process...

In addition, he studied the market of my product in depth and understand the concept of our brand.

Leduar Staniscia
Leduar Staniscia
Product Manager
Logotipo OYO
He is passioned about the user and tireless in his search for references...

His ease in adopting new tools that bring developers and designers closer makes Rodrigo's role transcend the average role designers play.

Ricardo Mello
Ricardo Mello
Founder of Coletivo 47
Logotipo Coletivo47
Rodrigo is focused and didn't measure efforts to understand what our website needed...

The development was very fast and the result is clearly excellent!

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